White people are white.
Black people are black.
Asian people are… asian (sorry guys yellow sounds wrong to me)
So on,
So forth.
Its beautiful.
Each are a different race granted with different gifts
African are built bigger. they’re earthy people. They were given soul.
Asians are smart, lean, stealthy. Given the gift of spirit.
White people are lanky whimps who were given the gift of logic.
Native Americans were a mixture of two races, given the gift of the earth, as well ( a bit different than African though , I think seeing the connection of the earth and spiritual)
So on,
So forth
(I may be a bit off)

Each different family can have different traits. A white person can be as built as tough and as muscular and earthy as a African or African-American. And an African can be as lanky and stealthy as an Asian
Generally, though
its not a bad thing

Its a gods damn fucking beautiful thing.
Seeing your culture,
Your history,
Your gifts,
Marked by physical appearance.
Its fucking gorgeous.

I don’t believe any are better than another.
We were all as the gods depicted and the earth depicted and decided, and then, as we ourselves fucking decided.
You are who you are and you’re fucking gorgeous.

yes more black people play sports than white people.
(I am white btws if you can’t tell)

This whole racial discrimination and “oh woe is me because I am a different colour” I mean yeah I get that life in North America while being a different races is fucking hard especially because so many old coots (my grandparents) are raciest in a negative way.
And apparently its bad in Texas too, and worse in the states.

But honestly,
Society pisses me off.

For all you people of colour,
You are fucking gorgeous.
I’m jealous of you,
and the gifts you’ve been bestowed.
I love who I am
But you are beautiful
I love your colour
You are wonderful
Carry yourself with pride because you are so unique and special and you carry with you the history of your people and you should be fucking proud of your people.

You were granted different gifts than other races of people and that’s not a bad thing. its a fucking glorious thing. and its fucking wonderful.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone
I’m just so fascinated with history and genetics and the gifts each race as earned throughout the course of everything
I just
reading this textbook on sociology asking me why more black people are playing sports is like
because they’re fucking built to kick our asses in sports because that’s the way they are meant to be


I love you guys.
I am sorry if I offended you.
I know that I don’t understand half of the crap you’re given because I am white.
But you’re beautiful and fantastic and most of you reading this are probably now proud of who you are and thats good because honest you are amazing.
And I love you
And your gifts
and I’m kind of jealous
I mean I’m all white and completely boring.
you guys are amazing, and beautiful, and wonderful.
and I hate it when people look down upon you guys. cause we’re all equal, we’re all the same, just given different gifts and beauty.


thepaganchristian you are in need of some serious collecting, but fuck, where the hell do I begin? the whole friggin’ post is a sick joke. Others have already addressed most of it, but this part fucking killed me, so:

reading this you are probably now proud of who you are and thats good because honest you are amazing.”

ofc, sure, poc will now magically feel will pride at who they are, just by reading your post. they were all totally just wallowing in self-hate until your special snowflake unicorn rainbow post somehow instantly, magically made their lives better and worthwhile. this must be our special magical gift as white people, eh? fuck  ~~logic~~, our gift is ~~~white saviors of poc self-esteem~~~ because for some reason they don’t love themselves?

OR DID YOU MISS THE PART WHERE WHITE PEOPLE (WIHTE SUPREMACY) ARE THE VERY REASON WHY RACISM EXISTS? the reason why poc are being “”“looked down upon”“”? (your own words)

white people’s colonialism invaded, raped, destroyed and turned many cultures into parodies for their own (our own) personal enjoyment (how else would you define the whole “Blacks are earthy, Asians are spiritual, Native Americans are a magic mix of the two” bullshit, if not as a sick enjoyment of the suffering of others? jesus how did you even come up with that shit - don’t answer, I know how, but let’s just not go into that too.)

poc don’t need your (my, our) fucking validation to exist, love themselves, be proud of who they are. and I strongly doubt they need this crock of racist, fetishizing, romanticizing, exotifying, misrepresenting, over-generalizing, oppressive bullshit to add to the racism, oppression and discrimination they already experience all day, every day.

or did you think your oppressive ass telling poc they’re “”“beautiful”“” in such a disgusting exotifying way would somehow instantly erase their whole lived experiences of being dehumanized and discriminated against?

when poc love themselves it is not “”“thanks to us”“”. IT IS IN SPITE OF US

long story short, to answer your title, NO, your bullshit is NOT “basically true”.  it’s pretty fucking WRONG.

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